On a more positive note

Nothing is more important to build than solidarity among the victims of Capital. With it, we are invincible (there are a lot more of us than there are of them). Without it, we are doomed. The outcome of what has come to be known as “identity politics” is the subversion of solidarity in favor of silos of oppression where each constituency is implicitly the competitor and perhaps even the enemy of the others: men are the problem for women, straights are the problem for gays, whites are the problem for blacks. (And recently, it seems, Boomers have been identified as the problem for Millennials.) But the fact of course is that Capital is the problem for everybody – or rather, just about everybody.

Nothing is more important to seek than equality. And the hell with merit. We saw earlier how inequality in general tends to perpetuate inequality along racial and gender lines. By the same token, every egalitarian development disproportionately benefits those at the bottom of the heap. Levelling up, even if it raises the fortunes of downtrodden white people, will raise the fortunes of black people even more, and tend to eliminate or at least reduce the invidious deltas that give rise to conceptual megrims like “white privilege”.

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