The quality of mercy

I don’t mind Trump’s pardons one little bit. Of course it’s a rare collection of skallywags, con artists, and third-rate desperate chancers, all thoroughly undeserving, agreed, but as a famous Dane once observed, If we all had our deserts, who’d ‘scape whipping? People escaping punishment does not make me gnash my punitive teeth — in fact, I think my punitive teeth may have been accidentally removed, along with my wisdom teeth, some years ago. Most people in jail, as any public defender would tell you, are more or less guilty of what they were charged with, and I’d like to see more of them go free too. Shake off your inner jailer, friends, and rejoice in the lucky escape, no matter whom it befalls, and applaud his enlargement. As somebody once said, the rain falls on the just and the unjust alike.

One thought on “The quality of mercy

  1. How befitting it is Ms Gorman’s merging of mercy with might.

    I am reminded of a literal exception to someone’s metaphor. In ’05, Deutsche Bahn brought in a new construction boss solely for the purpose of being able to complete Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof in time for the following summer’s World Cup. A key decision in that process was to forgo the completion of the portion of the domed glass roof, the result of which left only the first-class segment of the platform exposed to the elements from above.

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