One thought on ““The West Leaves Mummy’s basement”

  1. “It’s important that we send a strong signal to Mr. Putin and the world that NATO matters,” said Pentagon spokesman John F. Kirby yesterday. “We are making it clear that we are going to be prepared to defend our NATO allies if it comes to that,” he added. (quote found at wsws).

    because NATO matters so much. who will buy our F35’s? today NATO, tomorrow undefined allies, and next the world? NATO is a business who’s business is to keep NATO relevant and, like any business, expand, in this case, into the world.

    thanks for the article, but some of the rhetoric out of Germany is pretty scary. why should Russia be concerned?

    Everything is personal with these turds, too, isn’t it? It’s “Xi’s Olympics” and “Putin’s aggression.” They talk in this psychopathic way because they view social reality in purely instrumental terms, when they acknowledge it at all. Society exists in the way that timber, oil, fish, uranium, etc., exist. And reflexively, western powers, allies that is, are “democracies.” A BoJo is a pure manifestation of the people’s will. Putin however is a 2nd Hitler. What’s Russian for Thanos? if only the western Avengers could pull a Cher and turn back time, but after a while the fake plastic substitutes start not only to droop, but to dissolve, and the performance ends.

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