Cop love

To me, the sight of a cop in his brutish ugly uniform and his panoply of weapons is purely bad. The badness is a composite of fear (I really don’t want to attract his attention) and hate (why is he there at all, and why so heavily armed), and I wish somebody would take him out, or at least pin him down under covering fire and make him cry for his mother and wet his cop pants.

Others feel otherwise. Obviously. I wish I understood them better.

To me, the menacing cop looks like a menace. I mean, a menace to me.

To the cop fans, the cop also looks like a menace, but to somebody else whom they fear and loathe. Who might that be?

The obvious answer is “black people”, and there’s no question that in the US, at least, this is a big part of the picture. But then there are black cop fans too, and I think that race (though it can never be overlooked) isn’t the whole story.

The cop is plainly an object of fear, so to stan him implies that there’s someone – real or illusory – whom we fear worse, and against whom this horrid Talus might be turned.

Is that someone perhaps some part of ourselves? Is the cop the heavily armed external superego, keeping our own unruly Id in line? The personification of a punitive social order, whose rules & regs we have to obey, and are expected to love? The cop can be for us, or against us, depending on which side of us turns up. Better for than against, considering his heavy armament. Better to love him than hate him. Identify with him, or he might gun you down.

But that leaves some Id left over, and so there’s another Other too, namely all those people out there – black people (or for boogie black people, Cousin Pookie); unruly people, undeserving people, those who didn’t do their homework or got bad SATs or “made bad choices”. We who have more or less “made it” under the rules have implicitly constructed these Others onto whom we have projected our own anarchic Id, the thing that makes the cop dangerous to us. They become the externalized internal enemy. Go get ‘em, Officer!

Once you’ve gunned them down, no way that Id will rebound back onto respectable Us. And of course, no way will we have to worry about you.

One thought on “Cop love

  1. well said. except who knows what’s it like to be tazed, until it happens? people w/lots to lose got lots of fear. when I was living in D.C., some kids stole some candy from the CVS (pharmacy) and roughed up some staff or customers. i’m not exactly sure what happened, but the response is armed. Heat-packing security guards now roaming the shopping complex (not just the CVS). I was trying to do the math on the value of the food in the Safeway vs the insurance payout for a “wrongful” death from Rambo the grocery guard (though iirc, they went for a more “Rambette/Rambina”, than Rambo, look. yeah, stick a woman’s face in front of your fascist oppression as you gun down black kids for stealing candy.) guess what? it’s similar to the cost/benefit ratio of building prisons vs schools, hospitals, etc., (or building nothing at all, which is never ever an option.)

    anyway, happy boxer day’s, and here’s John Lee Hooker’s commentary on the Book of Job:

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