Musk derangement disorder

Trump is history — unless of course the Biden administration and its various acolytes (including the largely useless Squad) succeed in breathing new life into him, which, come to think of it, is perhaps not such a remote prospect. (If they do, they have only themselves to blame.)

But like some sullen autoimmune condition erupting in pustular inflammation after a nervous shock, it appears that Trump Derangement Syndrome, that occupational disease of liberals and closet liberals on the Left, has recently reappeared as Musk Derangement Disorder, after Musk mischievously made public all the conniving the former Twitter management did with the Biden campaign to suppress the Hunter Biden story — which, of course, is not just about Hunter, but about Biden Inc., in general, just as any story about a Kennedy is a story about the Kennedys, and any story about a Clinton similiter. Or, of course, any story about a Trump.

One of the key symptoms of MDD is a genius for missing the point. The libs have raised a great lamentation about how everybody knows Hunter is a poor wretched inept con man, so why belabor it? Hasn’t he suffered enough? What fiendish sinister scheme does Musk have in mind?

But who cares what Musk has in mind, or what whimsies motivate him? The interest of the Twittergate correspondence lies precisely in the collusion between the gnomes of Twitter and the kobolds of the Biden campaign. Lib fury reflects the fact that the right-wing conspiracists were in fact, in this case, correct in their assessment of this squalid liaison, and the libs, who presumably really believed that Twitter was acting in a nice socially responsible objective nonpartisan way, are revealed as the naif nincompoops they are.

All these guys who caved in and voted for the loathesome Biden, because Trump, now own the debacle they strove to create — while those of us who stayed well clear of this smashup can lean back on our elbows and laugh. Biden shareholders are seeing their market cap evaporate, and their one recourse is to say, coplike, Nothing to see here, folks. Move along

One thought on “Musk derangement disorder

  1. there are 3 people the US could arrest as traitors: Trump, and Guvs Abbott and Castro’s greatest fear, Deshithead in FL.

    we got 4 years of the “russiagate” adam schiff show, which just seems like so much stage-managed “predictive programming” laying the groundwork for the current conflict with the latest Hitler.

    and now…Twitter has been up to something? about the Bidens? and Musk is here to…save free speech? what, again?

    anyway, probably b/c i’m old and lazy, Twitter itself, like so much social media, seems like such a great outlet for many-mouthed Rumor to pollute the psychic atmosphere. and the goings on at the Olympian heights of the Muskoverse of Madness seems like much distant lightning but with no thunder. something’s going on, but what?

    i’ve not been following this much, so maybe this is not news, but I read only this a.m. that Jack Dorsey and Egon Muskrat are BFF’s. and people are complaining that “two are grinding at the Twitter mill, and one gets her account taken, and one doesn’t”, or rather, “two are dueling in the Twitter field, and gets his account taken, etc.” might be more fitting. E.g., J St Clair at CP this weekend edition complaining “Nazis yes, Lefties no” and so there is a purge and censoring of opinions happening. quelle fucking surprise.

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