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Rorate caeli desuper

By Owen Paine on Monday December 4, 2006 12:05 PM

Mark Engler, fair trade hawk, joins the rain dance for a populist anti-globality revival:

Read all the way to the end, where he gestures vaguely at the Rangel-Pelosi "waver". Face it, Mark, for us mites of the jobbled weeblery, this new donk majority is nothin but a downhill mood race, a long run to bummerville.

When will these voices raised in decency start screaming "FOUL" at the Dembos for this filthy stowaway act inside the vast hope-tricked hold of the good ship SS Prog-America?

Hey, the party of rubber turkeys like Steny Hoyer and Baucus Maximus has no intention of betraying its corporate trans-nat backers, just 'cause a vast hunk of the electorate would rejoice and maybe even prosper.

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