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When the roll is called over yonder...

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday July 19, 2006 06:27 PM

... the Democrats will be there. Thus the Jerusalem Post:
Both chambers of the US congress were working on drafts of resolutions expressing support for Israel in its war against the Hizbullah. The House of Representatives was expected to vote Wednesday on their version of the resolution, which is sponsored by majority leader John Boehner (R-OH) and minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

The Senate unanimously passed a bipartisan resolution expressing support for Israel on Tuesday.

The resolution was sponsored by Senate majority leader Bill Frist (R-TN) and minority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and was approved by unanimous consent.

Have Al Gore and Bernie Sanders been heard from yet? It would be a pity not to complete the set.

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It's good to know that we can now add the Lebanese to our official List of Peoples About Whom We Do Not Give a Fuck. No doubt the Rwandans will feel comforted to have the company.

Jesus wept.


Unanimous? I was just telling a co-worker how I didn't comprehend how anyone could support Israel's current adventure, even if you were a strong Zionist. Tactically it's idiotic. Strategically it's impossible. The humanitarian cost is, of course, excessive. How could any deep analysis of the situation show unrestrained support for Israel?

Deep analysis. Unanimous. Huh.


Can the Israel lobby really be this powerful? Do they really care what a single senator from nevada or Wisconsin says?
My S.O. believes Mossad has a secret file on every elected and important US public official.
What do you think, Michael? I think it's an existential mystery, a case of mass hypnosis.


bobw -- The exercise of power can become an end in itself. I suspect the Israel lobby has reached that point. Once they were about getting power in order to help Israel, now they're (at least in part) about using Israel as a fulcrum to get more and ever more power.If you think of politics within the elites as a kind of Guelphs-vs-Ghibellines factional struggle, then this is a faction which enjoys an unusually strong organizing principle, and actually holds state power elsewhere in the world -- always a very effective source of leverage back home.

Oh we all know how this is going to play out. You'll get some vaguely worded declaration of support for the Israelis.

Next year, after they've invaded, turned Lebanon into Sunni triangle West and it's clear that the invasion was a disaster, the "progressives" who supported this will claim they were duped. They'll claim they only voted for Israel's "right to defend itself" and not a full scale invasion. And don't be a Naderite purist and tell them otherwise. Didn't we get Ned Lamont into the Senate, hmmm?

In the meantime, Hezbollah is smacking its lips at the thought of so many fresh young Israeli draftees to grab, so many IEDs to set off, so much chaos to cause.

Not going to let their Sunni brothers in Ramedi and Fallujah outdo them. No sir.

And as the governments of Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia are seen as supporting the Israelis and the USA, it's only going to strengthen the Islamists in those countries.

I'm guessing all these people (the neocons, the progressive dems, the Israelis, all of them) are on Osama's payroll. It's the only explanation.

js paine:

there are a few house reps
ready to brave THE LOBBY

i just signed a cease fire
demanding bush demand blah blah blah...

dennis the menace

to me the key question is this:

who and when will
get its ass kicked

my guess as with the old china lobby

when the GWOT's nixon is damn well ready
to cut a deal with
one or two
our nation's
key arab-muslim
schmittian fiends
holding state power
as did mao
as does castro and hugo
the ayatollah high rollah

or otherwise
as with
the ira eta
etc etc
ad infinitum

but until then....
they're blandishments
just too cute and sexy
for a pro pol to resist

jim mcdermott and 6 others voted against the house reso in supp of israel. kucinich voted present.


JS -- the China lobby was not really the same and nowhere near as strong as the Israel lobby. I believe in fact the China lobby was just the forerunner of the Committee on the Present Danger -- a group of elite Americans and newspaper editors who wanted to turn back history. The China lobby was reactionary, whereas the Israel lobby is expansionist or imperial.
Afflicted Powers, a very interesting Mrxist/situationist book on 9-11, has a chapter on Israel in which it claims Israel's usefulness to America is over.
Unfortunately, no one in government seems to realize it.

js paine:

aipac israel first
should not be confused with the larger
jewish group influence

any more then the catholic church
is only opus dei

or friends of franco or
cardinal spellman's asian acolytes

its hind sight
that so reduces
the power rep of the china lobby

take a way back to say
1957 and see what a rep it had then...

eventually after the fall...
aipac et al
will similarly diminish

and why not

since these mass base lobby 's
but ever recertified
mass fig leafs
for domestic
trans national corporate
and wally world hi fi
foreign missions

even the greatest most sinister lobby of all

the british lobby

florished because of its wall street state street
etc banker friends
could fort israel
really be a drag
to the key domestic interest groups
we call
the energy lobby ???

i doubt it

and hey
the nuclear arms race ended
even before the soviets

of course
no front group(s)
for any
complex is invincible

2 )
it takes more
then one bout
b4 they're knocked out
given the usual momentum sustained flight path
of these forces

they keep going
long past irrelevence
past even the first few
a clear and present
danger or at least deficit to
the general
domestic corporate

so many a moon comes
and goes
before a special
corporate complex
gets its mass lobby fronts
and friends
fully wiped off
the slate of bigs

and as with
the nuke arms complex

any lobby might
rebuild itself
like nixon
after a serious kick around
come back to full vigor
in a new context

in fact i'd claim
that is precisely
what 9/11and the birth of GWOT
allowed aipac
and the sons
of the arms complex
to accomplish

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