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Learning from Junior (all the wrong lessons)

By Owen Paine on Friday January 12, 2007 12:18 PM

Typical conundrum of empire : how do you remake Sadr city into Gaza Strip East, using a Shia regime as your face mask?

Obviously the Bush speech the other night publicizes the admin's deepening commitment to destroying the Mahdi Army in Baghdad, following the example of the infamous French "dirty method cleansing" of Algiers in '57.

This will require, of course, Shia collaborators, and lots of 'em. Now rivals of the Mahdi Army abound -- but will they perpetrate this degree of communal treachery?

Turning Badr against Sadr sounds too clever by half -- no, by a whole; i.e., it sounds completely foolish and asinine. This is indeed the limit of desperation, to act quite like the Mini-me "leaders" in Israel -- not just fantasizing about destroying Hamas with the help of Fatah, but relying on it; not just hoping the Hezzi-wezzis can be neutered with the help of Amal, but planning for it.

A sick and fortunately, in the long run, a hopeless mission.

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