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Extinct volcano

By Owen Paine on Thursday January 25, 2007 05:42 PM

Hi, my name's Bob Fertik and I wanna stop the Iraq occ:


The 2008 campaign has begun, and the Democratic presidential candidates are competing for the support of the anti-war majority - that's us, folks!

It's extremely rare for progressives to be courted by Democratic leaders, so let's make them really compete for our votes by making our position clear:

  1. Deny all funds for Bush's escalation
  2. Support immediate redeployment of U.S. troops, to be completed by the end of 2007 using the funds already appropriated
  3. Oppose the $100 billion "Supplemental" appropriation in March and any other bills to extend the U.S. occupation of Iraq.
Gee, thanx, Bob -- but why do we find a key wording switch? Why the serpentine, empire-by-other-means word "redeploy", where a plain "bring home the troops now" should be?

Is it a winnner's reframing word? I doubt it, since the instinct of the weeble majority is clearly "come home, boys and girls" -- and probably stay home, too.

And why "the end of '07" and not immediately? Why the timeline of 'escalating' Congressional actions if troops remain? Why point three at all? I guess because point one only hits "escalation" funding.

But what I can't figure is, why does simply saying 'cut off all war funding now' sound too... what? Risky? Radical? Unrealistic?

This is the sort of mush you expect to hear from an incumbent, or even a candidate -- but from a supposed "activist"?

Bob doesn't sound any more serious about this issue than his elected representatives are.

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"Redeployment" is shorthand for "Airwar." It allows dems to look like warriors to the red staters they court so desperately while looking like doves to delusional pwoggies like Fertik.

The key here, as it always is, is the money. The dems do not want the war to end. They just want to switch where the money goes. Haliburton to Lockheed. Bullets to Bombs.

Reducing U.S. casualties will make them look like pwoggie heroes. Of course, the little brown people living above our oil will continue to die at an alarming rate. But that's a fact the media can Kosovo out of existance.


Hell, that's a fact the media can 1991-2003 Iraq embargo out of existence.

GWOT liberals know as well as any other henchpersons of the ruling class that however ill-advised the misadventure in the first place and however broken Humpty Dump is now, there's no way the US imperium can abide defeat. Problem is, with each passing day, the chance of politically acceptable victory (at about one percent now) cycles through another half-life, meaning the real choices are between a bad loss now and an even worse loss later. But since those choices are unacceptably unpleasant, the sane insanity continues. Rock and a hard place doesn't even begin to capture it. Nor does some kinda recursive metaphor.

Ever tried representing five dimensions of progressively worsening, yet ineluctable, self-inflicted disaster... in a three-dimensional medium?


indeed alan

we need mike f to do up a dove
like a b 52 ... a b 51 ??


and add in
a one dimensional mind
like cheney to grasp it


Liberals are smart and they're serial suckers, as bad as any wingnut. Unlike wingnuts, they can be relied to do all the heavy lifting for their own chumping and they will blame themselves every time.

royal we:

i really like what this implies

"Unlike wingnuts, they (liberals)
can be relied on
to do all the heavy lifting
for their own chumping
they will blame themselves every time"

tell me sir scruggs
so why the sense of righteousness ??

they so adroitly
morph their humiliation
into "martyr -dumb "

and to think what knots that ties em up in

by their lights

its all about
a perfection of THE process
a process of THE perfection

i prefer self perfectors

to these.....nanny altruists


Royal We, theirs is the righteousness of accomplished civil engineers whose bosses have mandated working under the guidance of nepotists, holy roller looters and the third sons of idiot aristocrats. I'd certainly spend most of my time fuming and fussing too if that were all life offered me. They're too civilized to go home and kick their dogs or beat their children. But someone has to pay.

And their bosses do get a mean kick out of forcing them into the company of wingnut colleagues. Dr. Berube? Meet Dr. Snopes. He's going to be your department supervisor some day soon. I hope you all will play nicely, LOL! Har, har, har . . .

Admitting that the game is deliberately rigged, for the benefit of the power/kleptocrat class, and is structurally geared to be unfixable, negating the value of proper procedure, is a head-exploder for people who really do want to make things work out nicely. A life spent bailing a leaky boat, with nothing more than a seive, is a terribly taxing existence. So it's off to the land of make believe, with the querelous troll-hunting Hunter, where serious people get down to the noble task of . . legitimizing better kleptocrats.

royal we:

i like your notion of a bull goose
take a gander at her
why she's the big est honker in the flock

ya ya ya
they all got a room of their own
can they have
a president of their own??

that's the creative claas question of the hour

or must
not just the any ole prez
but even
the best of all possible prezes prez
always be a non goose

and under the fake feathers
prolly only
a friendlier fox

royal we:

"structurally geared to be unfixable,"

now there's a working paradigm for ya

recall bill bradley called
the system broken

then ran for prez ....as a regular dembo
and of course ended where he belonged in nice planks stacked up at the far end of the saw mill


i think dollar bill is bin ladden
why the fuck not ??
both tall dark and ..limps and arabic fluence
can be faked .....

howard hughes ayatolllah k??

what sayeth you ??


howard hughes ayatolllah k??"


royal we:

why i shouldha been
a marxist libertarian too

i agree with this scruggle made maxim

always means stuff like ...
"Dr. Berube? Meet Dr. Snopes. He's going to be your department supervisor some day soon "

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