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Hillary agonistes

By Owen Paine on Friday January 26, 2007 04:01 PM

I'm reading Matt Stoller at Huffyville:


He's going at Mother Clinton, and I realize she's the Iraq war of the pwoggery -- End her! Anyone but Hillary! -- for she personifies all things elitist, all things donor-class, all things superior to us about the orthrian party core. Matt sez: "There is almost no common ground between progressive activists and elitists like Hillary Clinton."

So, my prediction, it will be Hillary the party bosses burn at the stake this campaign season, to assuage the hunger for elite blood. All the better to slip some more zesty corporate kitchen mass market confection over on us. Like this rugged ole wooden masked warrior from Virginia -- this Webb freak -- or something else, anything will do, even... Johnny E. Anything but St Hill.

A bit poignant that, don't you think? Then again, surely martyrdom will become her, as it did another over-the-top super-striver, the great RN of Yorba Linda.

Even so, and though even our Matt, sensing the fall to come, calls her "tragic" -- I just call her set up.

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I kinda doubt it, OP. She's got all the big DLC donors wrapped up, a $14 million head start and lots of clout with Rupert and the lesser media barons.

They'll need a white southern male for VP - this cornfed crypto-racist Webb guy might do. But there's just no way anyone is taking the nom away from St. Hill, least of all to satisfy a bunch of Cheeto-stained pwoggie-bloggies who the Dem elites know with out a single doubt will vote for whoever has a 'D' after their name on the ballot.

owen p:

alan you saw it here first..

recall easy ed muskie a shoo in for 72

his band wagon went over the side so fast the bosses weren't even ready for it had to fire up the hump..
no such surprise this time

no glorious george McG
the bosses are ready this time

burn the big donors??

all the better to restore their respect for the pros

watch the bouncing ball

st hill will be burnt meat
by march of next year.....

royal we:

it occurs to me they can use those
idled crates to ship the undocs home in ...

Nominee or not, I don't think Hillary has the depth to rate the word "tragic," in front of anything to do with her varied and sundry excursions.

Don't start thinking about tomorrow. :p

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