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The Drones Club

By Michael J. Smith on Sunday February 17, 2008 11:33 AM

Don't let it be said that we never report good news here at SMBIVA. Stephen Spielberg has withdrawn his "artistic" advice from the Peking Olympics; he's pissed that the Chinese haven't kowtowed to the current Israeli-humanitarian moral panic over Darfur.

Okay, okay, it's not completelygood news. It's yet another Hollywood useful idiot staggering off stiff-legged and zombie-like on a mission from Mount Zion, whence notoriously the word goeth forth. That's the bad part. The good part is that it may be possible to watch the Olympics after all without risking projectile emesis.

The Lobby has signed up quite a few nice-looking airheads, it seems, for this righteous Darfur campaign: there's Mia Farrow and George Clooney, among others. Really, one wishes the days of Childrens' Crusades and St Theresa were not past. How I would love to see these earnest folk trooping away to Sudan in nicely-tailored camos, to put their hide where their mouth is.

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Michael Hureaux:

Oh, it gets good, that Darfur thing. I'm constantly amazed at the teachers who will interrogate me about my marxist "biases" inside of the curricula materials I use, when, truth be told, all I'm guilty of is upholding a critical respect for democratic theory of every kind, going back to Locke, Voltaire and the enlightenment and romantic period figures, with focus on the original writings of Adam Smith and Tom Paine. I wouldn't dream of trying to get my kids to study marxism, but I can't help it if democratic theory at one time had a cutting edge- which I certainly do uphold.

But this Darfur thing! I was witness to an entire team of teachers who did a unit on Darfur at West Seattle High School repeating State Department and every other kind of official brief a couple of years back as though it were all the god honest truth. And where was the integrity in academic presentation then? Gone with the wind, as they say. There are no bigger party line zealots in the postmodern era than the average corporate liberal. Amazing how dialectical their thinking can get when they justify their own atrocities, and yet how they tremble with indignation when they recount the mistakes and the crimes the Bolsheviks made. Fascinating indeed.

Y'mean, with everything the Chinese gummint has done to be pissed at them for, Steven Spielberg gets pissed off and walks because of...Darfur?

D'ahh ha ha ha ha ha hahh.

Kinda proves what I'd been saying for the past year or two: that Darfur is the nice, safe issue for Liberals who want to feel like they're doing something but don't have the balls to oppose the war in Iraq.

The Olympics? Them's a big ole flagpole, ain't they? Don't they score a pretty decent mid-range number on ye olde fascometer(r)?


Olympics and the Fasc-O-Meter? Yeah, they reliably score very high, but maybe without Spielberg they'll be a little less maudlin, at least. If you're gonna be Fascist, emphasize steel and crystal.

tim d:

this is unrelated, but thought i'd share anyway. i was reading stephen zunes' impassioned defenses of obama's foreign policy team, in which he reserves special praise for samantha powell, who, according to zunes, as a tireless human rights activists is bound to be an important counterweight to the more hawkish, realpolitik tendencies of the others (like zbigy and dennis fucking ross). then, by complete accident, i happened across this review she did of chomsky's hegemony or survival:
this indicates to me that obama's rise to office will doubtless herald our return to "humanitarian intervention" foreign policy and that we'll be in darfur quicker than you can say "bombs over baghdad"...


"humanitarian intervention"

ahh yes the trans nats
do get it done
one way or another

darfurthe cloak of many colors
the not so concealed daggers point

drwa a line in the sahara
a fire wall if you will
resource trans nats
now piping thru the area
from the ass end
ie heading in there
from south west of there

agin who create
this taboo drop dead zone ???
who else
not the boys from beeeernooowwwsssville

...do dah name
people's republic
mean anything to ya


"emphasize steel and crystal"

how true crystal
perhpas the greatest of
red hot nazi math guys
was a crystalentheorie sort

purging stray elements
of judenlogic
from the hard as crystal
teutonic cannon of theorems

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