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The one and only...

By Owen Paine on Saturday June 13, 2009 06:50 AM

... dear Alex has a fine one over at his site:

Who Needs Yesterday's Papers?

"I read the anguished valedictories to our sinking newspaper industry, the calls for some sort of government bailout or subsidy, with mounting incredulity. It’s like hearing the witches in Macbeth evoked as if they were Aphrodite and her rivals vying for the judgment of Paris. Sonorous phrases about “public service” mingle with fearful yelps about the “dramatically diminished version of democracy” that looms over America if the old corporate print press goes the way of the steam engine. "

He can touch the sweet spot just right, can't he?

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Al Schumann:

We should celebrate, but cautiously. As awful as the papers are, they kept dangerous people off the streets and gave them an easy paycheck. Most of the soon-to-be-unemployed are likely to join one of the liberal militia movements.


this article caused me to WRITE TO HIM.

(liberal militia can move?)


I love Alex, for all his warts!

Now, OP, please comment on Mike Whitney's article further down the page on today's Counterpunch, on "Bernanke's next parlor trick". Whitney claims the Fed has allowed the banks to grow their cash reserves from $90 billion a year ago to $900 bil now, so that they can buy Treasuries as soon as they hit 4%. That's how Bernanke plans to sell the $2 trillion he'll have to next year, without being accusable of "printing money".

Son of Uncle Sam:

Al- funny you say that, the most racist manipulative sociopath I've been exposed to in life had a side gig putting inserts in the Boston Herald. He used to talk about how easy it was. Boston's streets are safe though-I heard he sells Kia's in Quincy.

Al Schumann:

Hapa, yes they can. They have banners that say as much, and when they drill in the public square (a public-private sphere cooperative enterprise), you can hear their fearsome chant, "Yes! We! Can!"

Son of Uncle Sam, I heard a rumor that Quincy was the headquarters of the nastiest "resurrection" gang in the country. Coincidence? I'm not going to risk a visit. Some things are better left unexplored.


Hey lay off the big Q al
That fair city
Once harbored
the heroic remnan of the feared latke gang (ml)

I too brushed into that freckled moth ball of a man
S of s speaks of

And he was indeed a caution
.. to be avoided like a
Chelsea pot hole


But he was in the printers
Not the guild

Its the editorial flea crackers from
Broun's guild that are lib-mil bound

Not the printers
Their destination is more likely a stool at
the fifth leg
Bar and grill
the wonderland dog track. In revere


Yo, OP -- what about Mike Whitney's article on counterpunch today?


haven't read it yet
but will

but do he mention
the first time ever
fed payment of interest on
instituted as the great bail commenced last fall ???


i've now read my pal mike's latest "just you wait and see" piece

it's a stew of so what's and so why's and so forth

yes gentle ben has helped his banks make easy money these last 9 months or so ..so what??

noow or later type timing aside
the crisis was real ..'nough said

the bail was however a needless disgrace
corporate state hi jinx
at its worse
maybe in my life time

moral hazard fuck

calling it
authorized public pillage
and legal looting
sounds too fussy
but hey ...its a living


OP: thanks for slogging through what you seem to think is a side issue. I'll take your word for it, as a theoretical matter, but in the dim light of debased discourse over at Harry's Bar and Grill, it's got wheels.

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