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Slough of Despond

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday April 28, 2010 12:08 PM

I'm finding it difficult to come up with anything interesting to write about. Is it just me?

Melissa Bletherskite-Bungstopper down at the Nation only deserves so much attention, and may have already gotten more than her share from us. Daily Kos is too tedious for words.

Somebody suggest a new topic to take a contrarian view on, or a new fool to make fun of. I'm dyin' up here.

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Al Schumann:

I'd like to help, but I'm brooding over a defense of, or an attack on, people who name their puppies Kierkegaard.

Via a correspondent.


"if you can really convince yourself that it has nothing to do with race, you are in denial and a racist, whether you want to admit it or not"citizen soren

-- as translated into good well spelled english from the original parrot --


--The Dutiful Pwog


Given the recent death of Alice Miller, I suggest making fun of Pwogs who think the best method of "parenting" (another foul word) is a combination of hands-off re behavior, and talking to toddlers as if they were adults whenever intervention is warranted -- say, when Precious Little Chloe kills the neighbor's cat.

Cheez-o-Pedia jumpoff: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spoiled_child

The coming oil fall off is a good topic for despondency *and* punching holes into Hopey McChangeAlots' dreams of a perfect tomorrow.


Are you suffering from S.A.D.? What do you think about 'DSM IVCDM'?

Then there is always the distraction of the beloved German philology. I'll start: "... lastet wie ein Alp auf dem Gehirne der Lebenden". Isn't it odd that 'Gehirne' is singular while 'Lebenden' is plural? Or am I just wrong about 'Lebenden'? Does 'Lebenden' work like 'Knaben' in 'Des Knaben Wunderhorn'? I bet you know.


How about this fella?


I particularly like his description of his religious views.

He describes himself as leftist, but I don't see him advocating anything but a more racially balanced version of the current system, which as Jack Crow noted, is headed for a very steep cliff. I haven't read his books, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

Louis Proyect took him on here:


At some point Wise decided that supporting Barack Obama was essential to the anti-racist cause.


Take that, commies!

I first read Wise after reading this:


and I am baffled as to how liberals think they can fight white racism without class struggle. Perhaps the good people here can help.

If you find he's just the male version of Melissa Hedley-Lamarr, I understand.

I haven't been posting because the cat keeps padding across the keys at inopportune moments. That, and temping still bites.

P.S.- Margaret Kimberly's latest at BAR is pretty damn good. Well, I liked it, anyway.

"I'm finding it difficult to come up with anything interesting to write about. Is it just me"

Nope. Haven't updated my blog in a couple of weeks or so. I've been busy outdoors, getting the garden going, taking some hikes, getting out from in front of the monitor.

It's actually good for you I hear.

Eventually I'll find something to go on about.


Gehirne is plural. However, even if it were Gehirn, Lebenden in "der Lebenden" is a genitive case which would render its declination indistinguishable from the plural.

I'd like to make a helpful suggestion, but ach, what's the point?


Check out Congress's legislative calendar, or go back to the State of the Union address. There should be plenty of ripe targets in there. Also, Fabrice Tourre, his clothes, speech, hair-style, and the delicate dance-steps his bosses are displaying around him.

Scott Baio, though shooting such a soft target encourages Dimbot delusions.




I recall something about sticking an 'e' onto singular M and/or N nouns in the dative but can't google up the rule and it has been decades since I studied this. An example of such a 'rule' from Fledermaus is Adele's aria: "Spiel' ich die Unschuld vom Lande" (i.e. von dem Lande). Another example is from Goethe's Prometheus: 'Hier sitz' ich, forme Menschen / Nach meinem Bilde,'.

Anyhow, anything to distract from all this disgusting, marvelous spring weather, as Screed might say.


Gehirne is singular; that's a dative 'e.' If it were plural dative (object of 'auf'), then it would be den Gehirnen.

Michael Hureaux:

Shoot, pick a card, any card.


As you recalled and eugyppius points out, you are right about the Dative 'e'. I overlooked that because it has fallen out of common use (and I was taught by commoners;)

I was likewise mistaken about Lebenden. While that is a genitive case, the reason it is indistinguishable from the plural is that it is plural.

So at the risk of making myself look even more foolish - the respective genitives, Knaben and Lebenden, are not quite alike: "Knaben" is the genitive declination of "Knabe", the singular. Lebenden, being plural, is the same either way.

I think that Marx was referring to a collective brain: wie das Unsere, im Pfuhl(e) der Verzweiflung.


April, grausamster Monat.
Warte nur, balde
ruhest sie auch!

Anon (blushing):

ruhest! ... ruhet

April, grausamster Monat.
Warte nur, balde
ruhet sie auch!

Anon (last thing):

sie?! ... er

April, grausamster Monat.
Warte nur, balde
ruhet er auch!

Is that High German or Low German?

...not that I'd know the difference either way.

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