Worth a thousand words

From Mike Flugennock, of course.

I bet Mitt got more votes by promising to shut down PBS than Obie would get by promising to keep it going — which he hasn’t done, actually, has he?

I listen to PBS myself, when I’m driving or sailing on an unexciting day. Faute de mieux, when there’s not a good eloquent fundamentalist preacher to explain Galatians to me.

PBS irritates me more than not. If it weren’t there, I wouldn’t miss it. Apart from Car Talk, of course, but those guys will find a home.



3 thoughts on “Worth a thousand words

  1. You can’t “listen” to PBS, can you? That’s the TV station home to the three-hour Ken Burns documentaries about the history of light bulbs. Apart from the occasional decent Charlie Rose interview, I see no positive value in it.

    Are you talking about NPR – are they owned by the same people? Agree, Car Talk is awesome.

    • Yeah, they’re both “owned” by the same people, as far as I know.

      Oddly enough, I have to confess to enjoying Car Talk, as it seems to be the only program on NPR that doesn’t look down its nose at me.

      On the other hand, I want to knee This American Life in the groin and spit on it, punch Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me in the teeth, and bash Prairie Home Companion over the head with a tire iron.

      As far as “listening” to PBS… perhaps not, but am I the only one who hears someone listening to All Things Considered at their house and thinks it sounds like somebody left a TV set on?

      And, yeah… I honestly don’t know how the hell Ken Burns got to be such a big-time documentarian. I’ve seen some of his stuff — and, maa-an, what a soul-crushing grind that was. I want to hurt Ken Burns’ documentaries in the worst way, but I’d never be able to hurt them as badly as they hurt me.

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