Happy hour at the Cliff bar

From comrade Mike Flugennock, of course. His comment:

Well, folks, it’s time once again for our Crisis Of The Month Club, this month featuring a slab of lame kabuki theater called “The Fiscal Cliff”, yet another round of cheap drama to provide cover for the Democrats’ and GOP’s collusion on the dismantling of Social Security and Medicare. And, of course, you know what this means, everybody — time to PANIC! GO ON, PANIC! FREAK OUT! CRAP YOUR DRAWERS! SCREAM AND CRY! RUN AROUND LIKE HEADLESS CHICKENS! OH GOD WE’RE GOING OVER THE CLIFF!

2 thoughts on “Happy hour at the Cliff bar

    • Best they hurry out to Fire island

      They’re still conducting
      try outs for that fall football season classic

      “A splendor in the ass”

      Donkey passing elephant receiving

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