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    • “Weak” isn’t the word. How this load of mealy-mouthed shuffling made it into a publication like CounterPunch is a mystery.

      Obama’s drone strikes violate international law? No shit, Sherlock. This clown writes as if the US Rogue State can somehow be made to obey International Law™ via the tired old trope of Speaking Truth To Power™. Spit. Speaking Truth To Power has always been way overrated, if you ask me. Power already knows the Truth, but has never given a rat’s ass.

      • http://www.counterpunch.org/2012/11/26/netanyahu-gives-obama-his-comeuppance/

        Another out of the same bag, imo. I had similar thoughts to Levine when I heard about the Column of Defense/Cloud operation, then I realized that it was my Democratic Party/ Manchurian candidate brain-conditioning flashing back.

        Yeah, sure. Obama *wants* to do the obviously right thing here but Netanyahu’s US base is just too powerful. Better just send more bombs and hope the IDF as a change of heart. It *could* happen.

      • I would be against the drone murders even if International Law, in its august splendour, were modified to allow them. I think reliance on the law to make an argument is debilitating. Brings to mind the image of some clerk imported from an accounting department watching people being dismembered and running through a checklist to see if there was anything wrong or not.

  1. Pragmatic “radical” Nathan Newman writes on Huffington Post (I don’t read HP because of its treatment of writers, but I saw a discussion of what Newman wrote on the pen-l list) that Congress might be amenable to limiting the use of drones. Now we should fight like hell for this, realizing like a good liberal, that a little good is better than none at all. Politics is the art of the possible, after all. He seems to think that transferring drone policy from the CIA to the military would be a gain, since the military is more aware of international law and worries more about public reaction. Congress might buy this, he opines. Newman it might be mentioned wouldn’t stop writing for HP when the Writers Union asked writers to boycott the odious Ariana’s paper. His arguments in defense of his stand are lampooned here: http://cheapmotelsandahotplate.org/2011/07/15/scabbing-for-the-huffington-post/

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