Prof. Dr. Gen. Petraeus

God, the poor man!

Ex-General Petraeus has apparently landed a professorship with my old employer, the City University of New York. There are a number of reasons why I’m glad we won’t be colleagues, having more to do with the institution than the poor hag-ridden General.

Is that a self-tortured face, or what? Do you even get to be a general these days without doing irreparable, visible violence to your own soul? I doubt it. Or at any rate, I would like to doubt it.

The General’s appointment has stirred some grumbling among the greybeard liberal rabotniks on CUNY’s instructional assembly line. Good Lord. Where have these people been for the last what, thirty years? Do they really have no idea at all what their employer’s core business is?

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  1. “Do they really have no idea at all what their employer’s core business is?”
    Don’t make me guess! Or make jokes. The wiki page calls it “the Harvard of the proletariat”…. but that could work in several ways. Surely it is not on a level footing with MIT, the DOD’s favorite outfit?

  2. Christ, what a pathetic throwing stance. Looks like how I might have thrown a baseball when I was three years old. Maybe all those medals got in the way. Petraeus is of the new breed of military “leaders,” self-serving, with PR machines always promoting their battlefield genius, when in fact, they have no real battlefield experience. They are happy to let lots of people die for their careers. Colin Powell was another such pig, willing to let My Lai slide right on by, while he kissed enough ass to move on up.

    Universities love to hire killers. Makes them look tough and no doubt helps raise money to line the pockets of the hacks who run these dreadful institutions. The chancellor of the university where I taught for so many years was a career military man. God, what a shithead he was. I saw him on the street after he retired, and I looked him in the eye from our car and gave him the finger.

  3. Yeah, but what is Smith saying about the core business of CUNY, that seemingly escapes the attention of those grumbling liberal rabotniks on its faculty?

  4. I was curious what the foreign parachute wings he is wearing on his right side are so I looked it up. You can’t tell from this pic but they are French parachutist wings.

    Why you sly, non-conformist devil you. Wait until Glenn Beck hears of your treason.

  5. And now this:

    Every college in the country should be closed immediately, and every top administrator sent off to the Sonoran desert to live off the land. And all the tenured professors can spend their days reflecting on why they never did anything about all of this. Maybe some new journals can be founded to publish their reflections.

    And there is an article in the New York Times today about all the corruption in Spain!

  6. The Times item seemed exercised because the horndogs were allowed to teach. I’m personally a bit more bothered by the mass murderers. Of course Petraeus, in this respect, is a twofer.

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