Worth A Thousand Words Dept.

From long-time comrade Mike Flugennock, of course.

This on the heels of all that smarm about old Maggie, who may have been a bit of a fox, depending on your taste, but was certainly a monster. Really, the guy is utterly without shame, isn’t he?

The Greeks had a word for it: κυνώπης, dog-eyed.

6 thoughts on “Worth A Thousand Words Dept.

  1. Talk about utterly without shame — if that “money quote” wasn’t bad enough, he was quoting Bill Clinton’s speech, f’cripesake. If you really want the complete being-slimed-all-over experience, though, you need to read the complete transcript of the Boy Emperor’s remarks. There’s a link to it at my blog post. You’ve been warned.

    Actually, on one of the rare occasions when I wanted to save our copy of the Outlook section of the Sunday Washington Post, it went out in the recycling box before I thought to grab it. It was the Sunday before last, when the Bush Presidential Library was first blitzing the news, and one of the Outlook section’s front-page opinion spewages was headlined — I shit you not — “Was George W. Bush Really That Bad?” (or something quite close). The whole Outlook section that Sunday was infested with spewage from a bunch of old neocons who the Post exhumed to help them with their Mission Impossible. It was a prime example of why I tell people they don’t want to know how artists are inspired. That grotesque headline inspired this cartoon, but only after it made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

    The media’s desperate attempts to rehabilitate President Chimp’s image may have been unctous, pathetic and laughable, but you’ve got to give ’em credit for having one massive set of cajones swingin’ down there.

  2. Obie, our national panegyrist. Whatever shall he do when Kissinger turns his toes up? Will he nip at the noxious bait? Of course he will.

    Assuming that Kissinger will die. I have my doubts.

  3. Why is it exactly that our masters of media are trying to rehab the Chimperor’s image? (Btw, nice one of Emperor Sparkle Pony, Mike!)

    • Beats the shit out of me. Maybe it’s to spare all those hucksters the agony of having to make weak, tap-dancing excuses for having been so wrong about Iraq. Maybe it’s just the challenge. They probably figured hell, we managed to rehabilitate Nixon, let’s see if we can do Dubya!

      Btw, thanks. I was finally successful in capturing that gesture he does when he’s speaking, that bit with the hand. He probably thinks he’s being Jack-Kennedyesque or something, but it really makes him look like a cheap hypnotist — or a cheap evangelist. Whenever he does that gesture, he reminds me of the Rev. Ernest Angley, when he used to do that bit where was supposed to be healing the people watching at home, where he’d tell them to put their hands on the TV screen.

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