5 thoughts on “Separated at birth?

  1. I’d always liked Anthony, not that he got so much done but was forcrefull in his presentations and, usually, his respnses — likely my appreciation for left-populism [ Laclau] and assumption that he was headed that way. No assumption that he would post crotch shots, etc., and demo a lack of sense [though that may be modern day ‘left-populism, but I think not]. From 1’st to 4th within 5 days, not ‘smooth – pobre Antonio.

    • He did me a favor once — or rather, he did the favor for a comrade of mine, in a little groupuscule I was in at the time; the comrade was a landsman of his. But it furthered the group’s work. This was when he was on the City Council. So I always had a certain kindness for him, but once he was in Congress he really came out as a frothing Zionist mad dog, and that sorta killed it. I couldn’t care less about his sex life. In fact if I were married to that awful Clintonite creature Huma, I’d be sexting like mad too.

  2. I love what a bunch of zealous moralists secular liberals are. Given “traditional marriage”‘s patriarchal legacy oughtn’t they be encouraging adultery?

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