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Please, Sir, I want… a bit less? I didn’t make this up:

Rumors are circulating that President Obama is planning to appoint Larry Summers to replace Ben Bernanke as head of the Federal Reserve. This would be a terrible mistake…. Join The Nation in imploring President Obama not to appoint Larry Summers.

Much to enjoy here, but I will confine myself one observation: If Obie appoints that cannibal Summers to the Fed, it most certainly won’t be a ‘mistake’. In fact it will be business — and I do mean business — as usual.


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        • I don’t think Obie would go for it. Nixon might have broken a sweat over the prospect — even Clinton might have, though his tastes seem to have been rather unimaginative. But my read on the hypercontrolled Obie is that his id is safely locked away in some oubliette of the soul.

  1. Anyone who looks like the Icon in the lead photo is -destined- to become Fed Head. Yellen appears/sounds to be just one more overly politicized neolib [which, of course, Larry is as well but w/Special Harvard training,,,,,then as well she has ‘a thing’ about negative interest rates, so to Senor Larry, but only sometimes.
    Oh Well
    Oh Well
    The Capital System
    Fades Into Deeper Uncontrollability

    Did Not Have To Be Look To Mongolia

  2. One quote from above —

    ”I like doves, but this is too much. Wall Street loves her too because of the gender and dems get to appoint another “new appointee” who’d be the first female Federal Reserve Chairperson. It is political theatre in a way, but I believe Summers has better analytical skills than Yellen, who appears more as an Ivy League Trained Life Long Government Bureaucrat, than an Ivy League President and key Presidential Economic Advisor.”

  3. It doesn’t matter who runs the Fed anyway. The elites know the days of being able to grow our economy out of the last mess they’ve created through financial shenanigans are over forever. You could pick a clown to run the Fed and we’ll get the same results.

    There’s a reason why elites keep picking austerity as the policy of choice for our times. They have no other choice to make.

  4. So, somewhat OT – Yes, I know Kerry chose Illinois state senator obie to deliver the 2004 DNC keynote address,,,but -who- allowed/told Kerry to do this??

    Differently, who was involved in choosing the Democratic Party’s ’08 candidate for pres. earlier -I expect- than 2004 ?

    Slightly similar with GW when Shultz put his arm around his shoulder at a Texas presentation.

    The old PRI in Mex. used to do same but more overtly.

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