A few imbecile comments on Ferguson


“There is never an excuse for violence against police or for those who would use this tragedy as a cover for vandalism or looting.”

Of course there is, you lying dog. We wouldn’t have civil rights legislation today if it weren’t for the riots of the 60s.

Eric ‘Timon’ Holder:

We must seek to rebuild trust between law enforcement and the local community.

No, Timon. People need to understand that the policeman is not their friend. Fortunately, many already do. More every day.


Elizabeth Warren, the sweetheart of Daily Kos:

“This is America, not a war zone.”

What premises, what reasoning, if any, lie behind this bizarre observation? “America” is not like, say, Gaza, where Qualitative Superiority Warren has made it clear that she’s on the side of the chaps in the tanks and the airplanes? But surely it’s obvious to the meanest intellect that Ferguson is in fact very much like Gaza.

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  1. You picked good pictures for those three; it really brings out the “whiteness” in their hearts.

    Incidentally, Michael, I think it was you who once said, in response to another mysterious lone white gunman shooting spree that happened without any help from the DHS whatsoever, “When are white people going to admit they have a problem?” Point well made, but Obama (Michelle if not Barack) has shown us that the problem is not specific to white people.

    It’s ironic, actually; I can see Bill Clinton speaking much more harshly about this latest cop-murder than Obama was willing to do, just because Bill would want to make clear he wasn’t the whitest guy in the room. He could never accomplish what Obama has. It was a clever move for the deep government to put Obama in in 2008; after Hillary expires, they’re really going to have to find someone in a wheelchair, or a transsexual, in order to keep making the police state look progressive. But what the hell are they going to do after that? A blind black lesbian Jewish breast cancer survivor with a crutch? Conjoined twins who are each polygamous ambisexual pagans, one of whom suffers from Tourettes?

  2. If you’re poor white trash born on the wrong side of the tracks one of the first things I learned is that the cops are there to protect and serve, just not me. Now at least poor white trash can clean up a little bit, move to the other side of the tracks and stop getting harassed all the time. Our Black and Latino friends can’t get out of their skins unfortunately.

    The race war cleaned itself up and got respectable by changing it’s name to the drug war. The results are the same.

  3. This is fantastic! The use of the pictures and direct quotes really seems to add force and that final paragraph sums it up as nicely as anyone can. And I don’t think Obama’s lying, I don’t think he’s actually integrated a number of lessons he’s supposed to have learned, they’re merely stories to tell at the right moment to make himself look good. The miscreants you quoted have been institutionalized to believe that authority needs to be respected as much as any of us, only they have been rewarded for their perspectives rather than beaten into it. Which is why they get defensive about these types of things, it’s a distant but real threat to their privilege.

  4. “As a United States Senator, I will work to ensure Israel’s security and success, and I will support active American leadership to help bring peace and security to Israel and the region.”

    Israel and the region. It would be like referring to South America as “Surinam, etc.”

  5. There’s always an excuse for violence against the cops; violence against innocent people is bullshit. The only thing we got out of the riots of the ’60s is the War on Drugs and paramilitary police forces. The ruling class likes riots and chaos in tempered amounts because it scares people into supporting the police state and generates divisive fear and loathing of the Other. We have dozens of idiot cop shows to get people used to the new normal, which is Gaza Lite brought to us by the same people who produce the full calorie version:


    It’s easy to prevent riots for the most part: don’t advertise them. The fact the ministry of propaganda plays these incidents up indicates who gains from them. If you are going to use violence apply it surgically at the enemy, preferably as high up the food chain as possible. Stop, bop and drop a cop, or bomb Obama for mama. The neighbors are not the enemy.

    • Sean, I think I speak for everyone who has ever visited or contemplated visiting this website when I say that violence is NOT acceptable. Not, not, not. No violence. No violence at all. Violence = bad. Violence = wrong.

      Violence is unacceptable. Violence is not acceptable. Violence is illegitimate. Violence is unlawful and morally wrong and incorrect and inefficient and improper. No one on this website should ever or would ever advocate violence. Violence is a no-no.

      Some fascist government operatives go online in attempts to entrap people into supporting violence. Some of them even spend years developing different aliases in attempts to trick a few people into trusting them and crossing the line. However, because violence is always wrong, you should never, never, not at all, not in any way advocate violence, because violence is wrong and violence is something that we would never do. You would never want someone in this community of pacifists to think you were such an operative, and besides, we all disavow violence as a political tool anyway, so none of us would ever fall for such a trap.

      Violence is wrong. Violence is bad. I reject violence in all its forms. As I’m sure you do.

  6. I see no reason for your sarcasm. People who read this site or would think to come here do not all share the same opinion on anything. In general, I support non-violent means of resistance but do not rule out the use of violence. If violence is employed, it should be directed at the one percent as much as possible, and not their minions. But if the minions employ violence, it is acceptable to resist them with the same.

    I can’t think of a single member of the ruling class who has been killed, injured or even mildly inconvenienced by a riot anywhere in America in the last 50 years. Okay, maybe a limo or two got caught in traffic. The fear and hatred generated, however, certainly seems to favor their interests.

    In situations like this the media obviously tries to generate outrage and riots because that feeds into the “black people are savages” mentality they try to instill in whites. Brutality against whites by cops or minorities is rarely discussed while brutality against blacks by cops or “white males” is played up in the media which feeds into the “white people are the enemy” mentality they try to instill in blacks. It also gives liberals and leftists something to feel righteous about while doing fuck all about the problem.

    A more balanced presentation of police brutality would show it is far more widespread than the media or so-called “Left” will admit and happens to white, middle class people as well. The cops don’t do an income check before they fuck you up, and they are not averse to fucking up people with white skin when the mood strikes them. A realistic appraisal of police brutality and its function in society might unite black and whites together against the system, and we mustn’t have that.

  7. I’m all for non-violence, to be exercised by the police, the state, and the military. If non-violence starts there, it just might trickle down.

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