Another precinct heard from


Email through the contact form. This sort of thing warms the cockles of my heart:

Dear God! Aren’t you a nasty peace of work!

You said that you thought the old Stalinists were half right. Given the establishment and support of a totalitarian state, the deportation and enslavement of millions in the gulag, the Holodomor in Ukraine (which led to the deaths of at least three million people), the Great Terror, the Nazi Soviet Pact, ethnic cleansing of minorities during World War II (including the Crimean Tartars), the Katyn Massacre, the sexual assault of millions of women in Eastern Europe (one of the greatest mass rapes in human history), sending Soviet soldiers who survived Nazi camps to the gulag, Soviet imperialism in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, persecution of Jews, Stalin’s agreement to let Kim Il-Sung invade South Korea, and many other crimes, I’d hate to see what you think completely wrong means.

Or are you one of those folks who denies that the above atrocities happened, and says that I’m a “capitalist running dog” for mentioning them?

And your lies, sneers, and intellectual dishonesty in your coverage of Ukraine are appalling. The best that can be said about your coverage of the Ukraine is that it’s not quite as inaccurate and dishonest as Walter Duranty’s.

But you’re trying your best to make it so!

Michael Delong

I don’t think I know a Michael Delong. Idle googling turns up quite a few, one of whom seems to be retired general. I hope my correspondent is that one. The General’s photo is shown above.

11 thoughts on “Another precinct heard from

  1. Speaking just for myself, “completely wrong” would be setting up a liberal democracy on the bones of a continent. Unless mentioning that makes me a “blame America firster”. Actually, especially so.

  2. How far back was this remark of yours published? You have said darned little about Ukraine imo, considering the amount of saber rattling the elites of US and EU have been up to for the last 6 months, acting like they are eager to have some nuclear exchanges with Mr. Putin, for example.

    • No idea. I can’t believe I would have said anything so lukewarm, anyway, but who knows? As for the Ukraine, it’s true I haven’t had a lot to say, since the details are so murky and the big picture is so clear; what can one add, really?

      But what I have had to say has all been on the wrong side. No doubt the General has quite a backlog to work through; we deviants and bad actors and nasty peaces of work are very numerous on this topic.

  3. as a heavy Stalinoid brute

    I must say I suspect
    pap smiff
    was thinking of the often “correct” domestic policy zig zags
    of the old CP
    not its polit bureaus
    unswervingly loyal swerving
    to the kremlin’s short waved dictates

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