Prepare the way, O Zion…

… which is actually a very fine Advent hymn in the little marginal sect I grew up in — tempus imperfectum, prolatio maior. I have brutally, unfeelingly repurposed its incipit here.

Apparently the embedded neocons in Foggy Bottom are feeling their oats, with the near-certain prospect of Hillary in the White House. (The Clintons: Season Two.) Fifty or so of them recently signed onto an internal cable advocating for open war with Syria. The smart money thinks that Kerry is with ’em; no doubt he likes being Secretary of State and would like to continue in that capacity.

The idea here, I suppose, is to create a climate of hysteria and a sense of urgency, such that Hillary can send the Marines as soon as she’s inaugurated; and it will look like she’s moving decisively to address an acknowledged, acute problem — even the cookie-pushers are worried! — rather than simply droning away, predictably, like the Israel Lobby stooge she always has been.

Naturally, this means making Obie look bad: Mister Feckless, who’s been reluctant to lance the Alawite boil, on behalf of our good friends in Israel and Saudi Arabia. Hillary, of course, will show no such hesitation.

I suspect she doesn’t mind making him look bad. He deprived her, eight years ago, of what she considered rightfully hers; so I dare say there’s no love lost on either side.

Obie, unfortunately, seems to be such a team player and organization man that he will take it all like the good sport he is. “It’s Her Turn”, in the White House, and his in the barrel.

There are always the memoirs, of course. Perhaps absurdly, I continue to hope that they will reveal a streak of bloody-mindedness, on Obie’s part, which so far has only shown itself against our subject peoples.

10 thoughts on “Prepare the way, O Zion…

    • exactly. curious timing. and kerry wants to stay on as SoS? damn. i had high hopes for Victoria ‘brave new’ Nuland. listening to a woman drone on lifelessly, dully chewing scene after stupefying scene in that dawn of a new age for all women everywhere, the HRC coronation. kerry will be so retro in Hilbot’s admin.

    • Another game of chicken with Russia, now Hillary flavored. It’s mind boggling how a cadre of “leaders” stuck in a cold war mentality somehow managed to forget central cold war insights like, you know, mutually assured destruction. But hey, the wall’s down now, so MAD somehow won’t happen, right? Besides, it’s Hillary’s turn to poke the bear, and we should understand she has to. All the cool Dems are doing it. Well, at least Kerry can bring ketchup.

  1. I actually think Obie started dissing Hillary a few months ago when he called the Libyan disaster a shit show and criticizing the UK and France for not pitching in. He’s ineffective but not dumb. He knows better that Hillary will make him look like the best president in recent memory. Man, even the birthers will start longing for Obie once the lunatic in chief swears in. Speaking of lunatic in chief, isn’t it so corporate America for these suck ups to get a head start on their brown nosing operation to impress the new boss (who incidentally isn’t the same as the old boss). They’re so transparently shameless!

  2. The refugee crisis has demographic implications for Syria. The country has a lot of its population, and the people scattered to the winds are mostly Sunni. Edging on 95% Sunni, in fact. That means a big hit to the Sunni majority, the country just isn’t that big. If the Assad regime is able to regain control of the country, it will have a much firmer grasp there. Holding down a mere majority(or even plurality!) which has had its most aggressive elements killed in the field rather than a huge majority itching for a fight.

    So. Stableish Shia regimes stretching from Iran to the Hezbollah state-within-a-state in south Lebanon.

    Not something the usual suspects will abide.

  3. In solidarity with the Brexiters, I hope today’s vote would cast the first stone at the corrupt and undemocratic EU project. For the life of me, I can’t believe how the Left and Leftist icons are opposing the Brexit and thereby, siding with Obie, Goldman Sachs, NATO, and every evil-doer known to man kind. Comrades, why is it that the Left is always stealing defeat from the jaws of victory?

    • Corrections: there is no organized left to speak of and, were there a left able to think and act for itself, the only principled position it could have taken would have been for a boycott of a referendum which offered a false, chauvinist and anti-imigrant choice between the Boris-Farage flavored “Fortress England” and the Cameron flavored “Fortress Europe”.

      As it is, the non-existent left had an impact on the referendum results that exactly reflects its social and political influence: zero.

      This does not stop a few deluded idiots who had precisely zero influence on the outcome of the referendum, e.g. the execrable Socialist Workers Party (that is the UK Tony Cliff cult) and George Galloway, from hailing the vote for the Boris-Farage version of an anti-immigrant “Fortress England” and the likely replacement of one Etonian (Cameron) by another Etonian (Boris Johnson) as a victory.

      As to UK state, so loved by left and right national chauvinists, how are the monarchy, the house of lords, and the first past the post electoral system, the standing military, MI5, MI6, the judiciary and its other accruements any more or less democratic than any institutions of the EU?

      • The term “first past the post electoral system” is meaningless. “Caught the most fish” would make a tiny bit more sense. As far as “leftists”, that’s meaningless too. The vast majority have morphed into social justice advocates.

        The EU was totally undemocratic. What we really need is simple score voting. The EU was simply another CIA product designed to make manipulation by the USSA more effective.

        The American people have no interest in ruling the world; they are way too busy kissing their bosses asses. The ruling shadow regime is what wants to rule the rest of the world. That proves we have a spoiler effect ridden, automated election system. Onward to Armageddon!

  4. Comrade Nyob, the means don’t justify the end. Yes, no question the Brexit vote owes a great deal to xenophobes, islamophobes, and other reactionary racist segments of the UK population. But, the end result is a black eye for the EU and Troika. That by itself should be a cause for celebration.

    Secondly, despite the propaganda and scare mongering that focused on the refugees and Muslim immigrants, the immigrants that will get impacted the most are the ones from the old Soviet block and Eastern Europe. These are the same countries that have closed their doors to the Syrian refugees, have elected ultra right wing governments, and are more reactionary than the folks who voted for Brexit. I have very little sympathy for the folks who close their doors to poor refugees but reserve the right of freedom of movements for themselves.

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