Radio silence


Ever since Hillary’s recent show of solidarity with Trump, I’ve noticed a very gratifying diminution in the number of shrill, contumacious, imperative emails and facebook posts from her fans. (Unless maybe they’ve all just un-friended me.) I’m sure they’ll all still vote for her, and perhaps they’ll be back in full cry again before I can finish this post, but for the moment the silence is intensely refreshing. Tumbleweeds. Crickets. So nice to hear them again.

8 thoughts on “Radio silence

  1. I have a theory re the reprieve: The Shrilleries have finally realized that at the end of the day both parties’ prospective nominees have only the good of the American People in their hearts & minds. The personal victory for which they’ve fought this long, hard, torturous battle is not only afoot, but at hand. Hillarylujah!

  2. the liberal press is stopping at nothing to ensure the Hilbot’s victory. richard or roger or whoever cohen at NYT after the orlando shooting had a headline something like, “welcome to trump’s america.” yeah, and w. kept us safe.

  3. I’ve noticed the same. Their heart’s really aren’t in to it. I find this manifests in one of two ways: the radio silence you note. Or the opposite end of the spectrum: hundreds of thousands of overcompensatory keystrokes. Either way: Their heart’s not into it.

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