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May 4, 2012

What the masses now ask for is not the mitigation of slumps but their total abolition. ....agree ?

"Should a progressive be satisfied with a regime of the political business cycle ...
I think she should oppose it on two grounds:

(i) that it does not assure lasting full employment;

(ii) that government intervention is tied to public investment and does not embrace subsidizing consumption."

" fuller utilization of resources should not be applied to unwanted public investment merely in order to provide work. "


' The rest of government spending necessary to maintain full employment
should be used to subsidize consumption .."

" Opponents of such government spending say that the government will then have nothing to show for their money. "

" The reply is that the counterpart of this spending will be the higher standard of living of the masses. Is not this the purpose of all economic activity?"


May 6, 2012

MNC backed main parties vote falls to 35 %...left rises to 25%

estimated seat count

two main parties

111 ND




the right



the left





the middle




May 7, 2012

our purposively self modifying genome


this character is at war with dawkins !!!!!

cal him THE SHAP :

"(1) Cells act in what I call a cognitive way or an information processing way. Some people like to say “computational.” The only reason that I don’t use the word computational is that it doesn’t include the sensory aspect of how cells operate. And the sensing and it’s molecular bases are all very firmly established scientifically. There’s no question about it.

What we don’t understand is how everything is integrated, how the information is processed and how the cells end up doing the appropriate thing. We know a lot about the components involved in signal transfer and decision-making, but we don’t know how the whole system works. That I think is the key frontier in the 21st century. The research will not only impact biology, but it will possibly revolutionize computation as well.

(2) Cells engineer their own genomes and they do it in a wide variety of ways that are subject to sensory inputs and which can be targeted within the genome. I document that pretty extensively in the book.

(3) We know from the DNA record that natural genetic engineering systems have been important in the evolution of new life forms.

The key questions that I see in evolution science besides learning more about those three components are:

(i) What is the link between ecological change and genome change in organisms?

(ii) What is it about the natural genetic engineering processes and how they are regulated and controlled that biases them towards creating new functionalities?

We know we can stimulate rapid genome change in the laboratory by starving cells, or putting them under pressure or in high salt and other stress conditions. Similarly, by manipulating their genomes the way McClintock did so they don’t operate normally. Or by hybridizing, as in horticulture, having different species mate or different populations mate. All of those things will trigger very significant episodes of genome restructuring. And we know genome restructuring has played a role in evolution and evolution is marked by the appearance of biological functional innovations "

May 8, 2012

knocking the knees of lady liberty

paul krugman flutters furiously


"consider Greece, which had a government of national unity — an alliance between the center-right and the center-left, dedicated to following what the VSPs consider responsible policies. Think of it as Michael Bloomberg with retsina. Sounds great, doesn’t it? (Not to me, but I’m not a Serious Person).

The trouble is that the responsible policies aren’t — the austerity program that has defined being Serious in Europe is an abject (and predictable) failure. So voters take their anger out by voting against the insiders. And since all the respectable people are inside the political tent, backing and being identified with failed policies, that means a big vote for extremists right and left."

my lord voters running to extremes
both left and right ..the center may not hold..the men in jack boots just over the horizon...

but errrr

even PK knows the center is wrong ....dead wrong
both in the euro zone and of course here too

and yet cling he will
to the "center left"

the softee head of the choiceless choice ballot box dog

cause paul loveth liberty beyond all understanding
and gosh darn
Lady liberty IS the vital center

ya ya he lacks all conviction
but madame
is that not ever so ?

May 9, 2012

who's afraid of full employment capitalism ?

" Full employment capitalism will, of course, have to develop new social and political institutions which will reflect the increased power of the working class."

" If capitalism can adjust itself to full employment, a fundamental reform will have been incorporated in it."

" If not, it will show itself an outmoded system which must be scrapped"



some here suggest we "know" capitalisn can not make itself over
will not engineer perpetual full employment

in fact not even run a NAIRU line all the time policy

might we not inquiry ...why ?

if it means higher immediate profits ?

paul kleinernuggetman:

"we're currently producing around a trillion dollars less of value each year than we could and should be producing..... We're talking here about valuable products that could and should have been manufactured but weren't, wages and profits that could and should have been earned but never materialized. "


note wages AND PROFITS higher PROFITS thru keynesianism ...!!!!

are we simultaneously
cartooning board room motives
" short run greed heading ...anything goes
increase our immediate profits maximo

and contradicting this cartoon
with a myth
a vague image of higher capitalist guardians
possessed of a demonic super contextual
deeply long run class oriented
exploitation system preserving..... black magic wisdom ?

lugar now prolly too old for lobby work ...just a pile of useless guts to lug off stage

earlier this eventuallity was considered

with all do ceremony and gravity


and noooow .....here it is !

another old GOP statesman gets butchered

one must expect
it'll be
wild gentleman boners all the way down
over this
at elephant house


the new GOP
"too rabid to rule " ?

christ i can't wait to hear the bray from the jack ass party tethered pwogs

May 12, 2012

libya update..when the old state falls and the new state fails...

" Libyans complain about the lack of safety and the accumulation of trash ."

"The Tripoli government has been unable to exercise its authority over the militias that continue to patrol the streets of the various cities."

" The lack of central authority has meant a collapse of the judiciary. "

, "the majority of detainees remain held by ..... military and security entities and by militias operating outside the law."

" On May 1, the U.N. Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL)....
raised concerns about the political prisoners
and asked the government to
"establish an effective internal inspection mechanism
covering all places where persons are deprived of their liberty." "

" The political prisoner issue creates a climate of impunity for the militias.
If they can get away with their jails, they can get away with anything."

" Ordinary Libyans ...have to walk by piles of trash, a symbol of the failure of the state."

" The sad state of affairs with the trash collection has galvanized residents to form their own organizations, such as Cleaning Up Tripoli."

" They cannot take on the gunmen, but they can at least sweep the streets. "

"The sentiment among ordinary people is that the Tripoli government and the Benghazi NTC are more inclined to pay attention to the oil merchants and to foreign leaders than to the troubles of Libya."

" Elections are slated for June 20. Last week, candidates began to file their papers. "

"The Washington-based National Democratic Institute has been advising the government on elections ...."

"In late April, on the advice of their betters, the NTC banned parties "based on religion or ethnicity or tribe.""

" The Muslim Brotherhood turned up its nose. They were poised to do well in the elections. They are fighting to overturn their banishment. "

"The capillaries of political power flow through the very social dynamics that the NTC has banned. They want to rig the election so that one of the pro-Western liberals wins."

" It is likely that, close to the election, the unpopular Prime Minister Abdurrahim el-Keib will resign in favor of Benghazi's own Fathi Baja. As a preview, on April 26, the NTC sacked the cabinet of el-Keib. Baja led the move. " "

Vijay Prashad in a counter punch report


i like the notion of scattered multi centered pluralistic autonomous gulag units

"If they can get away with their jails, they can get away with anything." !!!!!

and those spontaneous clean up co ops ? gotta love that spirit of barcelona bit

and of course the super natural presence of
the fairy god mother of fairy god mothers

the National Democratic Institute

and how 'bout
no tribes no sects ...please

this is a democracy you want here ..right ? "


too bad
the people in arms
have to figure out
how to handle each other inside
their oil gig sand trap
b4 some MNC steering wheel type
like this fathi baja guy
gets hizzself
"elected "
to centrally civilize the place
laputa style

no time to self organize the post-state
voluntary society

like in Somalia

for your personal dated disinfo file
please find below
a link to a group portrait
of ostensibly laputa sponsored
" national steering wheels"

--very dated X out the duds at your pleasure and add fresh rogues as they emerge --


nerf commie line ...these days


meet the commie line :

its lenin lite but its leninite so its still stagey ...

of course it is

and being as
SMBIVA is a right now kinda site

here's the first stage :

"the struggle against right wing extremism."

" This is not a new policy; it goes back to the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980.
At that point and since then it became evident that the main obstacle to social progress remains rightwing extremism and its corporate backers. They cast a reactionary shadow over the whole political process then and now."

"The election of Barack Obama was a blow to the right, but subsequent events have demonstrated that it wasn't a decisive blow.
The right still retains considerable power, and initiative to frame the debate and disrupt the legislative and political agenda."

"Its overarching goal this year is to regain control
of all three branches of the federal government. "

"how dangerous is that? ...it would set the stage for a period of extreme rightwing onslaught."

"...take a glimpse at Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio where rightwing Republicans took control of the levers of power in 2010 and then ruthlessly rolled back rights, eliminated social programs and attacked the labor movement.
Those actions are a harbinger of what the Republican Party would do if in command of the federal government next year."

"By contrast, the decisive defeat of the right
would weaken Wall Street and the entire corporate class, give leverage and momentum to the people's movement and clear the ground for an era that puts people and nature before profits and "free markets.""

" that will happen only if an electoral coalition is assembled that includes
the left, progressives, independents and moderates."

"Said differently and dialectically, the defeat of the right at the polls next year
cannot be achieved on a pure anti-corporate basis, given the existing relationship of forces."

"The 99 per cent versus the 1 per cent is a good slogan
and representation of economic reality, but it doesn't reflect
the actual political balance of forces on the ground at this moment."

"The political complexion of the country is more complicated, thus making a broader strategy that reaches out to moderates (Republican as well as Democrats) and independents necessary."

"Moreover, such a strategy if successful becomes the basis on which tens of millions will encounter a new relationship of forces,
which, in turn, is the ground on which to move to
a higher level of understanding and struggle."


part II

will cover the bastard's
lay down roll over
blubber gut
senile softee
parlor red "reasoning "
about this filthy sham of a strategic blockaide


".. the Democrats are now and will be in the future an obstacle to progressive change"

ya ya ya i altered that phrase
the real line goes like this

".. None of this is to suggest that the Democrats aren't now or won't be in the future an obstacle to progressive change: in too many instances they are, but they aren't the main obstacle for the moment."

"This election... is not about choosing a lesser evil. It is about our nation's future"

" are we going to move in a progressive-democratic direction
or a rightwing anti-democratic-authoritarian direction"

NB " distinguish this characterization" rightwing anti-democratic-authoritarian "
from fascism which has a particular meaning in the communist movement:

- the open terroristic dictatorship
of the most backward sections of the capitalist class- "


" the labor-led people's coalition, and Communists as a current within that coalition, must make every phase of the election process a number one priority."

"The people's coalition must be a major factor in the primaries.
It must reach, register and educate new and stay-at-home voters. It must guarantee a maximum voter turnout on Election Day."

"No less important, it must unrelentingly expose the reactionary positions of the Republican candidates and their racist and anti-democratic systematic campaign to disenfranchise tens of millions of voters."


"Not everyone shares this view. Some think the Democrats are as bad as the Republicans. Others go further and say that the Democrats are worse because they create popular illusions that change is possible within the two-party system. Still others say the electoral process is so compromised by corporate money that participating in it is a fool's errand. And finally there are advocates of running a third-party presidential candidate in this election."

"Like it or not, millions go to the polls in spite of their misgivings. They are invested in the electoral process. Voting is a sacred duty. And the Democratic Party is the vehicle of reform for tens of millions, the majority of whom are working and oppressed people."

"What is more, labor will throw itself into the campaign to elect Democrats, moderate as well as progressive, albeit from its own organizational base. Four hundred thousand campaign volunteers are going to walk neighborhoods this fall."

"Much the same can be said about the racially oppressed. Ditto women and seniors. The majority of youth will also take part in the elections, and like four years ago on the side of President Obama and the Democrats."

"A third-party presidential candidate would only help the extreme right as well as isolate the left from the broader movement."

"The two parties of the capitalist class have similarities. That is undeniable. But differences also exist at the level of social composition and political policies - policies that can be widened under the impact of a powerful people's movement, as they were in earlier historical periods."

" It is easy to imagine any number of electoral strategies but....."

" which one is rooted in objective realities and advances class and democratic struggles?

which one positions the popular forces to go on the offensive
in the post-election period?

which outcome will clear the ground of neoliberal polices and debris? Which one will weaken the corporate class as a whole? "

"To skip over the current stage in the name of militant radicalism may feel revolutionary, but in the end it is self-defeating and strategically misguided."

May 13, 2012

Conversations you don't want to overhear

From a mailing list. Peter Beinart and Michael Lerner. Oy gevalt!

May 14, 2012

Original sin, or some such

I know a person who's seriously ill with an epidemic illness -- an illness which has been known for a long time but used to be quite rare. Now it's quite common. The particulars, I think, don't much matter for the purposes of this particular Rambler essay.

I was discussing my sick friend's predicament with yet another friend tonight. Let's call the sick friend A, and the interlocutor B.

I was musing, as I talked to B, about how people tend to blame the mother, or the father, or the self, for these illnesses. Oh, if I weren't such a bad person, with such bad habits, I would never have fallen ill, the patient says. Meanwhile the mom and dad are asking themselves -- and if they're divorced, asking each other, in fairly acrimonious terms -- what did we, or I, or you do to make this happen?

Of course my own inclination is to discourage a sense of personal responsibility as much as possible. So I asked B whether the patient and the parents shouldn't maybe let themselves, and each other, off the hook a bit, and seek a more contextual explanation? (Recall that this is an illness that used to be rare and is now common. 'Why' seems like a reasonable question.)

B's response surprised me. What about consumption, and hysteria, and ergotism, and the Spanish Inquisition? he asked. It's always something.

I was puzzled a bit by B's response, but then the penny dropped. B heard my comments as an exercise as social criticism. B thinks our society is not so bad, comparatively speaking, and B has a case.

But really, who cares about the comparisons with the Spanish Inquisition, or Auschwitz, or the Bataan Death March? Undoubtedly we live better than other people elsewhere and othertime, and even better than we might (and better than we will tomorrow, I'd add).

The Bataan death march is over. The Inquisition is no more. Auschwitz was shut down some time ago. The few remaining hysterics in the world write well-remunerated copy for Fox News and the New York Times. Truly we live in an age of miracle and wonder; I suppose this is the sort of thing people mean when they talk airily about 'progress'. Perhaps it's what B was thinking of too.

I take the opposite tack. I think the only useful and constructive comparisons of our own world with elsewhere and elsewhen are the ones that make us look bad. I don't care how awful the Spanish Inquisition was. All I care about is how bad my friend's insurance is; and what makes it so bad; and what it is in our world -- not Torquemada's -- that made her, and all the others like her, sick in the first place.

May 16, 2012

paul krugglemann may have convinced me ...

here's blogging paul doin his brand of big foot scramble :

"there actually is a large constituency in America for a political leader who is willing to take responsible positions — to call for more investment in the nation’s education and infrastructure, to propose bringing down the long-run deficit through a combination of spending cuts and tax increases. And there is in fact a political leader ready and willing (maybe too willing) to play that role; his name is Barack Obama."

okay that didn't do anything to me ..obviously...but this did

"the large number of people who believe in all the good stuff the centrists claim to favor are, you know, going to vote for Obama. The large number of people who don’t believe in any of that are going to vote for Romney"

wait a minute !!
"people who don’t believe in any of that " yikes
i'm one of those people that "..don't believe in any of that "

".. vote for Romney" ?

i guess if i think as logically as say.... our father S
if i was one of those " bea small part of somthin' big type of guys

i better no ...i must .......vote for Romney

May 19, 2012

Alex carries himself away to la la reich

"if there’s any nation in the world that is well on the way to meriting
the admittedly vague label of “fascist,” surely it’s the United States.......
We live in a fascist country"


alex ?...is that you ?

you're that desperate . ?

so desperate for another 15 minutes of bad boy spot light
you pull this old polecat out of your sack and do
the libertarian equivalent of a jerry lewis hebephrenic jig

i mean really dear one ...climate change denial is one thing
mocking castro even ...but now you're clacking the cow bell of cow bells

that vague shape shifter of an earth final menace ...

rampant yankee doodle FASCISM

May 20, 2012

the ratchet demonstrated ...and much more


i adore quantifiers particularly fool hardy quantifiers

they make such vivid nonsense

this a graph demonstrating the two party drift lib/con wise
"from the end of Reconstruction in 1877 to the current period."

conclusions that talk now focus on my hero manque dick lugar

"Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN), who, after his primary defeat last week, will have served in the Senate between 1977 and 2013. "

yup dumped like a soiled diaper

".. Lugar himself did not change very much over time: he was a reliable conservative who moved only somewhat towards the center during a 30-plus year career (from a DW-NOMINATE first dimension score of 0.348 to 0.241). DW-NOMINATE scores range (with slight simplification) from -1 to +1 or a band of two units. So in 30 years, Senator Lugar moved just five percent on the liberal-conservative dimension."

that being the tee up here is the drive:

"For Lugar, .... In his first term in Congress, Senator Lugar was the 23rd most moderate Republican in the Senate; in the most recent term (through 2011), he was the fifth most moderate."

" Even if he had maintained his freshman score of 0.341, he would still have been the 12th most moderate Republican in the 112th Congress."

" This repositioning occurred because almost every new cohort of Republican Senators
has been more conservative than Senator Lugar. "

"That fact is the basis for our claim that the Republican party has moved to the right."

and if you check out the big long form graph
--not reproduced here because i don't know how --

you'll see northern democrats have stayed put ...so its those dern elephants that created
the massive inter party "aisle "

yes the ever more empty "fatal center "
where all hope plunges down and down toward citizen despair
and corporate joy

May 23, 2012

can we ever demolish the lesser evil line ???

i mean really now...

even the mahatma of principled sanity himself
noam chomsky
bites and bites decisively
into that cheesy comfort meme

please ..all of you
dive into the coment cages
and give this smugly smiling pinata your best shot

do it for father S

A thought experiment

For the sake of creative thinking, what if a panel of prostitutes deplored the conduct of the Secret Service agents who were caught taking senators to their hotel rooms? The condemnation would have much greater moral force that way.

May 26, 2012

Vampiric Stakhanovites

This discussion at Kasama cut close to the bone for me. I like to work, a lot, when I'm my own boss, and on a roll I get irritable about things like my own physical limits. I don't always recognize that it's nuts to work yourself close to collapse. There are tangible rewards and ego strokes, but how much social virtue is there in that?

If I'm really the only one affected, a happy semi-hermit, then the overwork is solely my problem. Regrettable, maybe, but individual fulfillment and moral liberty are complex things. It's best to leave well enough alone. On the other hand, if my love of insanely heroic labor entails insanely heroic labor for people who would choose something else, then it's no longer an isolated neurosis. If it entails toxic dumps, prisons, wars and paramilitary policing, then it's way past neurosis and solidly in the camp of evil.

With that, we enter Sandwichland. What's a reasonable amount of work? The enlightened consensus on that comes to about twenty hours a week. That accommodates the obvious interdependence of labors and a high level of industrial development (with the understanding that the level of industrial development is another debate). There's nothing in this for vampiric Stakhanovites, although they could still opt for self-inflicted karoshi. Just try to be tidy, okay? It's rude to leave your corpse where someone could trip over it.

May 29, 2012

Only In America

Only in America could a man go from being a run of the mill, self-involved, self-aggrandizing asshole to the ultimate heights: the most self-involved, self-aggrandizing asshole in the entire world. His trajectory is without doubt clear proof of exceptionalism's value.

Obama's high school shenanigans, as they're calling them in the press, can't really be used against him politically. The thumbsuckers agree and and so do I. Of course not. People who are going to vote for him will be doing so precisely because he's exactly the same as he was in high school, only without a joint in his hand to distract him. He might as well be Mitt Romney, which is the whole point of the exercise.

May 30, 2012

black face two faces nab the barry

there's a pattern here
and a little
sure enough comes back to bite ya irony

harold ford cory booker whip sawing " the ohbummer one "
on his vulture in chief tooning of the mittiful disgrace

these guys
these clean cut BFCD's
these black face corporate Demobot
turning on fellow BFCD "production "
magic Barry of chicago by way of the harvard law review

these spic and span (not al not jesse ) black PARTY-BOTS
fiercely clanging away at a new target ...
the fucking party's sitting POTUS
' cause he crossed the line

a simple automatic at the line of scrimmage

from venture to vulture according to wikiradaction of a '89 WJS article :

"Beginning in 1989, Bain capital , which began as a venture capital source
investing in start-up companies, adjusted its strategy
to focus on leveraged buyouts and growth capital investments
in more mature companies "

from "start ups " to "more mature" ( glue factor outfits )

can't see how this guy can win if this story gets banged home
fork in road :

vulture gulch or corporate baby farm

the mittiful disgrace went buzzrd baby..... turkey buzzard

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