Welcome to SMBIVA 2.0

Still a work in progress. There’s a link at right for the archives of the old site. Not quite sure how to make those searchable yet, much less incorporate the archives in the general ‘search’ function. Suggestions appreciated. I created a separate box for the old blogroll, since I couldn’t find a way to import it into WordPress’ ‘blogroll’ widget.

Commenters have to register and log in now. I don’t like this, but the alternatives seemed to be to leave it wide open — a recipe for disaster — or to moderate comments, which I just won’t do on a regular basis.

Oh, this is MJS, by the way — still haven’t figured out how to make the author’s name show on each post. As far as I can tell from some casual googlation, this seems to involve writing or editing PHP code, which is against my religion.